Everyone has a want item, something they've got their eye on, not necessarily always something they need... We chat to some of our favourite collaborators about what they've got on their wishlist right now.
Designer Jack Fearon with his Drew's Drawers
Chair One by Joy Objects in Tangerine & Dream
Pippy's Drawers by Fearon

Furniture Designer Jack Fearon, Fearon

JOY x SNS Chair One – At the moment for furniture, I fkn love this chair by Joy Objects, the Chair One in Tangerine & Dream. Not sure why, but I think it’s because they made their bolting system look sick, plus I love the colours of this one and their vibe is loose.


Eirian Chapman in her studio, portrait by Karli Duckett
Bobby Pin Pull Handles by Bootleg Studio
One of Eirian's fashion illustrations

Illustrator Eirian Chapman

Bobby Pin Pull Handles by Bootleg Studio – If it was an object and I owned a house I want these bobby pin door handles. How cool are they!? I love little objects blown up big. The world is full of my lost bobby pins but this one is secured and large enough to keep my eye on it. I also want a pair of MM6 ballerina shoes even though they will fuck my feet up (I still bear the scars of early 2000’s pointed ballet flats). So light in colour, so impractical…YES PLEASE!



Painter Thomas Thorby-Lister in his studio
One of Tom Butterworth's sculptures
Out of Body Experience by Loralee Jade

Painter Thomas Thorby-Lister

Tom Butterworth Sculptures – I’ve been watching this artist release his incredible works and I just wish I could have one in my home! Tom Butterworth of OneStone, a sandstone sculptor creating unique pieces with rocks gathered from the landscape. He sculpts these stunning vases, lamps, sinks and more. Growing up around Sydney I just love sandstone, and these artworks really elevate the raw material into beautiful forms with function.

Out of Body Experience by Loralee Jade.  Loralee Jade is a Tassie based painter working with silk and ink. Such emotive, colourful and deeply calming works, I would love a massive painting to bring that relaxing energy into my home.


Designer Jimmy Casson, Narrow Window
The Featherston Book by Geoff Issac
A Narrow Window cushion

Designer Jimmy Casson, Narrow Window

Featherston book by Geoff Isaac (2017) – Grant Featherston designed hundreds of pieces of furniture, and there’s a fair bit out there about his more known and desired work, but the spaces in between is what I’m most interested in. Were there any failures? What became of the less popular pieces etc. For someone so spoken about in the industry, I’ve struggled to find the detail. I even drove an hour to try and find the original Aristoc factory site and failed miserably. I only just found out about this book and if I were to find some answers in it, to just a couple of my curiosities, I’d be a happy man.



Designer Kyle Connelly from Pretty Polly
Empyrean Suspended 01 by Laurids Gallee
A Pretty Polly custom shelf

Designer Kyle Connelly, Pretty Polly

The Empyrean Suspended 01 by Laurids Gallee – I did my apprenticeship in fiberglass and resins, I then worked in the plastics industry and spent the last 10 years working in custom signage and more recently furniture. I have always had a love for unique and interesting furniture and lighting and when I saw this light I fell in love with it. It’s a resin cast pendant polished to look like glass. The embedded LED lights reflect and distort their own appearance depending on which angle you look at it. The soft amber pigments the maker has used in this piece reminds me of vintage 70’s glassware. I think it would be a beautiful modern style pendant that would suit a mid-century style home but would also sit perfectly above a wooden dining table in a converted warehouse apartment.


"The world is full of my lost bobby pins, but this one is secured and large enough to keep my eye on it."
Eirian Chapman