The banquette was redesigned and new vinyl and fabric specified, offset by Laminex Pale Honey
A custom-made communal table, custom coloured Bobby Stools from Design by Them and artworks by Melbourne creative, Bobby Clark

Wildflower jumped at the chance to work on Nine Yards café in Armadale, the second iteration of the popular South Melbourne cafe of the same name. Tasked with the job to select finishes to refurbish the space which was previously a café, along with working on a selection of existing furniture plus new and custom furniture. Nine Yards have their operations mastered, with a reputation for incredible food and coffee, so the space needed to align with their established brand, while creating its own identity in the iconic Armadale area.

In order to tie in existing finishes, Wildflower selected a textured yellow tile for the counter using walnut as the timber, Laminex in Pale Honey and a terrazzo tile with a mix of warm and cool tones. Updating the banquette to a burgundy vinyl seat and self-striped fabric turned it into a feature of the space. Existing Ton rattan chairs in a pale timber were worked in with the darker timber tones but referenced in the styling. Fabric pendants add a soft touch and anchor the custom communal and high tables. Sage green outdoor furniture and umbrellas give the outside presence, and make the sidewalk and courtyard an extension of the interior.

We worked alongside Arran of Stelling Carpentry, who tackled the renovation as well as the custom joinery, such as the counter, waiter’s station, cake cabinet and outdoor table. Custom coloured Design by Them Bobby Stools added a friendly shape, while artworks by Bobby Clark and Brooke Holm give the space a sense of the familiar – which is what you want from a local café.

Nine Yards – 1203 High Street, Armadale, Melbourne, 3143.

You can read more about Nine Yards and their menu over on Broadsheet.


The terrazzo tile was specified to tie together the existing render and the new, warmer tones. Contrasted with a custom high table and high Bobby Stools from Design by Them
Stelling Carpentry crafted a waiter station from Laminex Pale Honey, making use of an existing archway
“We learnt a lot working with an experienced operator like Nine Yards, who live and breathe hospitality, ensuring the café works and flows as needed. We enjoyed the challenge of working in existing furniture, updated some existing pieces and curating a selection of new furniture to update the space and align it with the Nine Yards brand.
Robyn Levin - Creative Director, Wildflower
Existing Thonet chairs compliment the updated café tables and banquette, framed by an artwork by Brooke Holm
A custom-made communal table pairs well with custom coloured Bobby Stools from Design by Them
A view of the courtyard with custom outdoor table made by Stelling Carpentry
Wildflower specified the textured counter tile to tie together the updated scheme, with a custom cake cabinet make by Stelling Carpentry

Photography by Bobby Clark



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