The foyer that welcomes you on arrival
The view from the boardroom

Town Square is a creative agency that embrace revolution. They needed an office that represented their bold work and brand narrative; a welcoming space, with an inspiringly playful disposition. We worked to honour the natural character of the building, incorporating creative ideas, with a sense of sophistication and maturity.

The client provided hundreds of reference images which we distilled into single mood board which celebrated colourful, intentional curation and timelessness. It was important that the space reflected that they were both a design agency and advertising agency. It couldn’t be generic and needed to be notable, sophisticated and mature without being pretentious or overly serious.

The space had an existing bold blue meeting room, which, the client loved, so, this cobalt became an anchoring colour throughout our design direction and influenced our product and finishes selections. Due to its inner-city location and the age of the building, the site had challenging access which had to be taken into consideration as everything had to fit into a four-person lift, or be able to be assembled on location.

Longevity was key with all furniture selections, we looked to choose materials that would age gracefully, such as stainless steel and timber, where imperfections would add character over time.


A communal lounge room that leads into the boardroom

The goal was a worldly inner-city apartment, with the practicality of a commercial office, creating spaces that are truly functional and aspirational. We used a selection of local and international pieces, some iconic and some robust which show the client’s personality and broad design sensibility. In the lounge area, the handmade Jordan Fleming Lamp, local Permanent Future Sofa and custom rug from Halcyon Lake create a solid setting for the iconic Wiggle Chair. Pieces like a USM Console, District Meeting tables, James McNab aluminium table and Henry Wilson lamps give the space a hit of culture, creativity, and implied longevity.

Boardroom details
Height adjustable desks and taskchairs
A custom James McNab aluminium table